We aim to keep our prices as competitive as possible and look to offer as much flexibility as we can to our customers.  The table below lists the face value of the tickets we offer for sale as part of a self drive package or ticket only package.  Our quoted prices are based on the number of people in a car and include general admission and special delivery.  To calculate our prices we take into account the fixed exchange rate we are able to secure, ACO royalties and fees, our operating overheads and bank & merchant services charges.

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Le Mans 24 Hours (2019)
Description Price
Maison Blanche
Intérieur Musée
Tertre Rouge
Garage Vert
T04 Panorama
T05 Dunlop
T16 Sommer
T17 Durand
T19 Lagache
T20 Leonard
T21 Tavano
Bleu Nord
Bleu Sud
Houx Annexe
T01 Tertre Rouge (N/A)
T03 Chapelle (N/A)
T15 Chinetti
T23 Raccordement
T34 Stands (above Pits)
T11 Wimille
T12 Benoist
T14 Barnato
Houx Non Numbered
T22 Wollek
Maison Blanche 105m2
Blanc Parking
Pit Walk (inc admission)
Vert Parking
General Admission
Expo Parking
Arnage/Mulsanne Parking
Rouge Parking


Le Mans Classic (2018)
Description Price
Maison Blanche €115
Maison Blanche 105m2 €330
Epinettes €100
Bleu Nord €95
Beausejour €75
Pre 15/05/18
From 16/05/18
General Admission €55 €65
Paddock Entry €39 €49
Grandstand €40 €55
Bleu Parking €18 €18
Bleu Parking €18 €18


Moto 24 (2019)
General Admission €71
T34 Stands (above pits) €20
Maison Blanche (2 Wheels)
T19 Lagache
Maison Blanche (4 Wheels)
Houx Concentration
Tertre Rouge
P19 Car Parking only