What to take

Camping Basics

There are, of course, the basic essentials (see food and drink below)   However, there are some things to consider when choosing your pitch and what to bring.

The obvious ones are a tent and sleeping bag, but here are some others you may want to consider:

Cooking equipment, plates and cutlery, washing up bowl, toilet roll, dish cloths, chair, sun cream, sun hat, towel, mobile phone, walkie-talkies, torch, cool boxes, money.

At the campsites you will be able to recognise the groups that come to Le Mans year after year.  fridge, gazebo or mess tents are common features.  Also some groups will also construct shower cubicles to avoid the lengthy queues at the camp site showers.

Depending on the campsite the cleanliness of the toilets may be a factor in choosing your site.  Some of the sites like Houx Annexe and Beausejour have cleaners at the toilets.  They work hard all day and most of the night making sure the toilets and showers are as clean as possible.

Food and Drink

Like most sporting events there are always places to get food and drink, but usually at higher prices.  These are mainly within the circuit, although some sites do have bars that also serve food.  Most campers will prefer to prepare their own food.  Typically, a good fry-up starts the day (or cure the hang over from the night/day before) and a barbeque at night. 

Whatever you decide, you will need to consider whether you take the food with you or call in at one of the hyper markets in Le Mans.  There are several hypermarkets within driving distance from the circuit.  These also provide a good place to stock up on drink.

At Le Mans one of the hardest things to do it to keep the drink and food as cool as possible.  Some groups will have a generator powered fridge, others will have managed to obtain ice at the supermarkets (this usually runs out very quickly). On some sites, there may be local traders that will supply ice.  It is also possible to get French bread and patisseries.

We would strongly advise that you do not leave valuables in your tents, if you do need to leave valuables lock them away out of site in your car.  Generally there are very few problems camping at Le Mans and a great spirit of camaraderie between fans from all nations and usually there are people around who will notice anything untoward.  However there have been occasions where tents have been broken into but this is no different to most large events which will attract the odd unsavoury character.

What NOT to take

Speed trap detectors, these are illegal in France, even possessing one is an offence.

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