Getting There

Click for detailed map of RouenA very popular channel crossing is via Eurotunnel.  Within 45 minutes of leaving Ashford you are on the French Autoroute heading towards Rouen.  Another common crossing point is to Caen.  This route has the benefit of a shorter distance to Le Mans.

The “traditional” part of the route is the N138 from Rouen to Le Mans.  Over the years this has changed with many roundabouts being added near Rouen and the removal of the overtaking lane.  Nevertheless there are plenty of places to get past slower vehicles and a great opportunity to spot some fantastic cars on their way to Le Mans.  With the extension of the A28 autoroute now open , the traditional route may give way to the faster motorway option (most certainly on the return leg).

The journey to Le Mans will invariably involve a slight “detour”! This usually occurs somewhere near Rouen (or is just me then?).  Or even on the outskirts of Le Mans itself.  When you finally arrive near the circuit all the camping areas are grouped in colours (White, Red, Blue, and Green) signposts around Le Mans and the neighbouring towns will direct you towards your campsite.

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