The Beermountain "Cunning Plan"

Booking your tickets to the “24 Heures Du Mans” is just the beginning of one of life’s great adventures – a trip to the biggest motorsport party on Planet Earth. What you need now is what we at Beermountain describe as a “cunning plan” – getting everything organised so you get the most out of your trip can actually be very much a fun part of the challenge.

We suggest that first of all you focus on the key parts of every great Le Mans plan – the right tickets, the right travel arrangements, what to bring (and what to leave behind!) and a rough itinerary of what you plan to do. Whether it’s your first trip or you are a seasoned veteran, every Le Mans trip can be made much more enjoyable with some good old fashioned preparation. That said, we know some people pride themselves on just picking up the keys and heading off into the sun! It’s our experience that no two trips are ever the same – the combination of where you are staying, the team on the track, the weather, and the people you meet make every single visit to Sarthe a uniquely memorable experience.

As a 1st Tickets customer you are already part of the way towards a great Le Mans plan. If you would like some help with the next steps, you are very welcome to join the Le Mans camping community at Beermountain.com. We were set up in 1992 to help early pilgrims to Le Mans survive the experience. Nowadays Beermountain still does just this, but it also provides our members and visitors from around the globe with a social network – arriving atLe Mans every year is like returning home to an extended family of like minded friends – we call ourselves “Beermountaineers”.

On behalf of all at Beermountain, we hope your trip this year is truly vintage stuff. It will soon be June, and we will all soon be there. Take care out there, and if in doubt, smile and enjoy each twist and turn in your own Le Mans adventure!

With best regards,

Mr Toad,

Le Mans Camping wild choppers

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